Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Does your google picture look like this?

What if our identities were stamped on our backs
shoulder arc
nape of the neck
or the valley the back blades
to balance the breast-plates?

What if our
rounded or flat buttocks
standing solidly on one leg
or two
easing our tiptoe
through sand and gravel
without toppling,
what if these parts stood for
our faces in a line-up?

Who would recognize us?


  1. smiles...its an interesting well do we know each other...the face is what we usually look at and is considered personal, but then we are so much more than that you know...i could probably pick several writers out of a pile of their writing i bet...ha

  2. Who would recognize us ... only those that love us (and have for a long time)I think.
    It is an intriguing question, Rosaria.

    1. You're right, Helen; absolutely right!

  3. Who, indeed (besides our yoga teachers ;-) )? Excellent question. Thank you.