Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The here now

I cry
for this life
filled and unfilled with other lives,
for the child who once grew before my eyes
and friends who passed too
each a void
that sent my heart and brain
in search of reasons
for I have become
as if this moment of light
in a vast firmament
is the privilege
I'm allowed to witness
and the story I'm left with


  1. The story we are left with ... we all have them and they are quite fascinating, aren't they. The full spectrum of our 'human condition.'

  2. Thinking of the ones we've lost : Have we really lost them? For once their spirit is with us, there it will always be.∞

  3. mmm...felt is a priveledge to have the story we have left...

  4. I see the depths of your soul through your words...

  5. Becoming less, room for more light?

  6. The stories we are left with.... Thankfully we are still making stories but it's difficult to face the ones that we're left with.. the losses are so hard.