Sunday, June 16, 2013


A day is a long time to know a man
from the minute he wakes
to the minute he passes out
right after a big meal, a proper man-meal
meat and potatoes,corn on the cob
a couple of beers.

No use asking about the day, on such a day
though people say sex was in and out of his mind driving 
to the 9 to 5 job that was more like the 7 to 7 stand-by with 
that commute, the late meeting, the rush to get a bunch of
flowers for her birthday he just remembered.

The only time they were together this day and any other day
when each travels the city, drops off the
the kids, picks up the dry-cleaning
and groceries and back on the freeway,home for a meal and sleep
till the next alarm starts the day all over again.

One day, he says, we'll take a long vacation, where no driving is required and we get to stay in bed from seven to seven, all day, all night.

When do we eat, she asks?

(In homage to James Joyce's Ulysses. A day in the life.)


  1. ! rosaria!

    if one is in bed all day, all night, with one's lover, one is eating regardless if one is starving or not:)

    how painful that we hold our lives this far away from ourselves ordinarily. i do not want to participate in that distance.


  2. ha, who needs to eat...
    ok, so maybe a break to keep the energy up...smiles..
    its a nice homage...and while its not always on our mind
    it is some...smiles...its a toil some days...

  3. Lovely, Rosaria! Amazing, looking back, how disconnected our lives become with so many details and obligations -- and what a blessing it is to have a sense now of unlimited time together.

  4. "...we get to stay in bed from seven to seven, all day, all night" - oh man, oh man, only if the flu should strike. Or you give me a good crime novel or - even better - get me started with James Joyce (and I'll never get out of bed again). A day IS a long time to know a man! How perceptions, desires, problems and priorities have changed over the decades! But, at the end of the day, it's the greatest blessing to have an understanding partner who already knows what you will say next to talk to, to argue and sometimes cry with, and share your feelings, insights and life with.