Friday, June 7, 2013

secret paths

How did we end up
here,I mumble loud
enough for someone to hear
and nod
as she passes by
with three yelpers
cajoling them
to take their business on secret paths.

Oh, no
I don't care to listen to anybody's woes
cause after they have dumped
their dump
they are too tired to
listen to your dump.

wave at her
and return to my front door
before she engages me
with her doggy tales.

I must find a way to walk on my own.


  1. we all have to at some point...and in some be able to face it...esp if everyone wants to talk their own talk and not really listen to yours...that is not community...i will say there is power in real community though...

  2. Alas, so true. The listener never seems to be listened to. But we walk our own secret paths and sometimes, if we're lucky, they converge with others and form as Brian says "real community." Other times, we walk alone and listen to what silence surrounds us...

  3. This I can promise ... I will never be to tired to listen to your woes ~~ or triumphs.

  4. Listening is not just a skill. It's an art, too. Thankfully you also have this online community that will forever be the ears to your wonderful words.

    Greetings from London.

  5. We all know people like that. Thankfully they are not the majority.. though they sure do stand out.