Sunday, June 23, 2013

No expectations.

Big reeds surrounding this dock protect the tiny
young trying to survive these waters
as the southern wind batters the pilings
and moves the sand to the surface
 agitating all kind of debris below surface.

Nowadays, nobody stands here casting expectations out to the deep-
boards old with creaking sounds
reeds eternally engaged with lures.

Nowadays, we're content to stand still for just a while longer
watching young fries in the shadows
wishing that one day
after they grow fat
and contented in the ocean, they would
desire nothing more
than a return to
the shadow of these reeds, for
a chance to meet expectations. 


  1. ah i need to grow in that contentment at times...ha...i have it but lose it at times...darn those expectations...timely for me a bit...

  2. The standing still is the hard part, isn't it. Some of them will come back.

  3. Our human cycles are certainly interesting to observe. I love this time of life when I seem to be more internal than external.