Saturday, November 17, 2012

Change for me, and I'll know then...

Remember how Sleeping Beauty
was awakened by True Love
a valiant prince
who battled monsters and witches
to be at her side?

And how did she know that he
was worthy of her undying affection
and commitment?
He offered her
a ring made of precious stones
recommended by the experts to
cost a year and a half of his wealth
and paid cash on delivery.

Since she had just met him, he had to do more than offer his hand, his wealth, his name.
He had to change the world for her.
Only then, he became the true prince she dreamed about.


  1. My dear, even Sleeping Beauty will have to realize no one can change the world for her, change begins within. (at least that's my fairy tale take)

  2. That's what I wanted from my first husband.

    My world has changed now, but it's because I have.

    1. "but, it's because I have."
      No truer words were ever spoken/written.

  3. money cant buy me love...smiles...hey at least she's not expecting him to change right? ha...maybe he should go read to a kid...smiles.

  4. I guess that it’s why they call it a fairy tale – no man can totally change the world and he should not.

  5. Sometimes those changes are not for the best. He might have awakened her, but I wonder if it later became a nightmare. Wait, I am sounding jaded.

  6. Personally, I'd have been totally P.O'd. if I'd been waken from a nice nap!

  7. I'd like to see them in old age. Maybe they changed too.

  8. Ever the romantic, I think true love should change the world for those involved. Of course, I wonder of princesses waiting to be rescued, but if one is simply asleep and then she is woken, that is a beautiful thing.