Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The mountain of living.

In the interplay of time
and space,
and bruises
are exchanged
a steep mountain
in search of peace.

The view is visible
waves audible
tracking our
false steps
small victories
to mark our quest for peace.

In stone
we carve dates
not thoughts;
not deeds;
for gestures of peace.

Our trekking, up and down the mountain of living, removes more life signs than it adds.


  1. Once we're carving in stone it's only sad news we're sharing and it constrains what we can say when we want to say so much more. It marks our steep climbs as we seek peace. I pray that for you- peace. And a time to remember all you are grateful for. I'll join you in this, our survivors mandate.

  2. an intriguing look at the back side of life....the initials and dates in stone...gotta be hard to watch them go up...

  3. Hmmmm. "Removes more life signs than it adds." I understand that.

    Speaking of reduced life signs, that describes Bear's forthcoming experience. Cannot stay awake any longer, so am heading in to hibernate. Tis our winter wont, as Bears.

    See you in the sprig. Blessings and Bear hugs til then.

  4. This has made me think. It must be a common reaction to examine what is said in poetry or other reflective writing, is also true for the reader. At first I thought 'no I don't feel like that about the "miscues for gestures of peace"' but realized that it wasn't the point whether I shared your feeling or not. The point is you, and how you see things, and the fact that you write about them so eloquently.

    1. A poem lays out a new universe in a few lines; it is not necessarily the writer's universe. I was thinking about all the daily routines to accomplish a good life, and how so many things never get us anywhere.

      In this universe, living is complicated.

  5. Loved this - so glad I found it! ♥