Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That childhood place.

Some where in the middle
of the road
on the way to Grandmother's house
we lost
our way.
So far off
the chart
a compass wouldn't have helped
buried among
pieces and pieces of color-coded
special toothpaste
and individual hair products
snacks and drinks guaranteed to
still our hunger and thirst for the duration of the trip
securely bundled in
bubble wrap
to prevent spills
and mishaps;
and though we were
derailed and
angry at each other for not keeping eyes on the road
and focus on the destination
we kept going
in the same direction.

At each place we stopped
we added our version of Grandma's place
comfy chairs one year
a porch
a garden
an imported claw-foot tub
after Beth went to college.

Grandma paid off her house before she retired.
We have just  re-mortgaged ours.



  1. I especially loved the line, "we added our version of Grandma's place..."

    Great poem.

  2. yes, very nice, Rosaria. (But this Grandma still hasn't paid off her mortgage!)

  3. smiles...we used to go to grammas house every sunday....i once went to her old house on christmas morning ...ha...habit...and a surprise for those that lived there when i walked right in...