Friday, November 23, 2012

Good design speaks volumes.

All schools should be brick
buildings with marble stairs. They
last forever; look good; their function
immediately understood.

All good husbands
carry  their wives' purchases;
their babies diaper bags;
phones, receivers;
items necessary for comfort and joy.
They look their part;
their function immediately understood.

All old people should be interviewed:
what mistakes you wish you hadn't made;
how did you select your mate;
did you get all you hoped in your life;
what would you do differently?


  1. It's hard to think about doing anything differently, because there's no way to know how that change would impact everything. Like--even though my first marriage ended in divorce after 12 years, I wouldn't have wanted to skip it, because I have two wonderful sons from that marriage. They might have been totally different people with a different father!

  2. The old people interview suggestion should be mandated ... might save a few younger generation folks a little heartache? If only they would listen. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one, Rosaria.

    1. It was a great Thanksgiving!
      I don't think we live with recipes. We just stumble into things and then draw our conclusions after the fact. After you live in your first house, and hate a particular element, you become wiser only about that element.

  3. What stands out -- :"how did you select your mate" -- I didn't. Just happened, when I was way too young to know what I was doing. As an interviewee, though, I'd talk myself in a circle and come to the conclusion that life couldn't have existed any other way. I doubt that we have as much control as we think we have.

    I like your poem, the comparisons.

    1. I wanted someone with smarts and who was generous. Those qualities were etched in my brain. The rest, not at all. I agree, we move through life without a plan.