Thursday, November 22, 2012

What the cook thinks.

My first thought,
how did I volunteer to cook a Thanksgiving meal
in a strange kitchen?

The second thought, I am still standing
it can't be too bad;
I'll make a list
pick up a few things
after all, everyone likes turkey!

The third thought,
I don't have enough time!

The fourth thought,
Where is the salt?
Nobody told me we needed to purchase salt!
Is there a substitute for salt?

Notes to self:omit the gravy for Uncle Ken; add petite peas for Uncle Scott; cook the pasta extra soft for Auntie Gail; skip the turkey for Cousin Vegan.

The final thought: Thank God for conveniences around us; for the loving people who'll break bread today with us; for the attention someone lavished on our meal today; for the multitude of things we take for granted on a daily basis.
For the cook who volunteers to prepare a  meal in a strange kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. haha i finally found the pumpkin pie filling at the third store...smiles...have fun cooking...doing a bit of it myself....happy thanksgiving...

  2. What a good sport to volunteer to cook. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. And to your Rosaria....warms my heart to hear that pasta is included in the menu. I recall the years when we would prepared a turkey with all the fixings and then have my mother-in-law arrive with a huge pot of pasta with meatballs...the kids filled up on the pasta which they loved and the grown-up ended up just looking at all the turkey etc and saying, "Well, we loved left-overs!" A happy day to all of you.

  4. I've met one or two strange kitchens in my time, so I sympathise! It's so hard when you put your hand out for something that's not there! LOL

  5. This post brought a smile to my face Rosaria, for I can just imagine you standing there thinking about "where's the salt?"

    There is about over 30 of us every year and this year the room was filled with so much chatter, you almost had to have ear plugs to block out the noise but I wouldn't trade it for the world. My mom has taught me the value of family and I am very bless'd that I come from a very loving family.

    Happy Thanksgiving Rosaria